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Anton Osver is an artist based in Baku, Azerbaijan. He will be in NYC as an apexart New York City Fellow from October 21 – November 20, 2014.

David B. Smith is a NYC-based artist who is in Dunedin, New Zealand, as an apexart International Fellow from October 1 - 31, 2014.

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Jan 3


Sojung Jun


Sojung Jun (b. 1982 Busan, Korea) is known for her video and performance art. One of her recent exhibitions, Artspectrum, which was shown in Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art in Seoul in 2012, demonstrates Jun’s interest in producing a series of related shots that constitute a complete unit of video. By introducing people who work in specialized professions almost completely unknown to us, she tries to tell the stories of artisans whose auras have reached the state of art. While portraying the lives of these people who continue to hone their skills, which are slowly being forgotten, her work also seeks points of connection with the attitude of an artist searching for an unreachable ideal. The artist represents life stories happening in the reality that surrounds her, which could be trivial yet very precious to someone else, in the world of imaginary fiction through drama-like composition, stage, performance and installation and classical text-based narratives.

Sojung Jun is visiting apexart from Seoul, South Korea, from January 3 - February 3, 2013. She is part of a residency exchange program with Seoul Art Space_Geumcheon. See her Resident Page for more information.

Jan 6


Walking in the Union Square


Jet lag woke me up in the middle of the night.

I was awakened till I saw a pale morning moon.

Got to sleep with difficulty. How long has it been asleep?

I was walking, lost in a daydream. 

A fresh morning breeze let me know I’m in New York.

Jan 7


Circle Line Tour


On the second day of my arrival, I went to the Circle Line Tour.

The tour along the river showed many layers of urban landscape and stories in it.

Conflict, forgiveness, hate, reconciliation, peace, sorrow, love, wound….


Statue of Liberty 

I haven’t thought about the Statue of Liberty is standing alone in the island in the middle of the river. 

What made me think like that?

It seems that I didn’t see the wandering images of it closely or most of the pictures I’ve seen was just show the Statue.

It was a small shock.

keeping liberty above a flowing river could be not an easy task,

and so I felt her more intensely than before. 


Jan 7


Christmas is over


Death of Christmas tree

I decide to become a eyewitness of his death.

I do homage to your purity, truth and loyalty.

A cold wave hit Korea this winter and had a lot of snow.

It was hardly difficult to see the shining trees, hear the carols on a street.

With snow, a new era came over, but it seems that there are nothing new in it. 

Seem so badly cold again for a while. 

Jan 8


NARS / New York Art Residency & Studios Foundation


On Sunday, I visited NARS to meet an artist JinKang Park.

She has a studio at NARS in Brooklyn. NARS is a not-for-profit arts organization committed to supporting artists and curators.


I could visit her studio and also some others.

Fortunately, I could witness her flying in collaboration with an artist of the next studio!


Jan 8


Bothenical Garden


Having some time in a Garden especially on Sunday reminds me my childhood.

Most of the visitors were famillies who were holding their children’s hands.

It was still cold but made me calm. 


Jan 9


The Moth Sroryslam

The Moth at the bell house was awesome!


더덕, Deodeok



Deodeok, mountain herb whose roots have restorative properties

I had dinner with staff of Apexart & Shani at the Korean restaurant named Hangawi. The restaurant seems to be evolved to fit the tastes of New Yorkers, but there are some gap between local food I used to eat in Seoul and here. Some taste were even unfamiliar to me. For sure if they serve the dish as it is, people will be amazed by hot hot spicy food! 

Since economy depressed, Korean people are looking for a more spicy. Spicy red pepper paste, spicy ramen, spicy kimchi stew…After almost cried with those of food, people believe that stress somehow disappear.

Yes, It’s really indeed.

Healing time

Under all speech that is good for anything there lies a silence that is better. Silence is deep as eternity speech is shallow as Time.

Central park tour

Why do I need the Tour to see the central park?

The tour let me know so many interesting stories hidden behind by slow walking.


You can support by donation of the bench.


The Building around the park which is the pale male lived.

Pale male

Follow the adventures of Pale Male, a daring red-tailed hawk who manages to thrive in the urban world of New York City.

A fearsome predator has been stalking Manhattan for years. But instead of calling the police, New Yorkers have put out the welcome mat and wished him the best of luck. Meet Pale Male — a red-tailed hawk who chose life in the Big Apple and founded a hawk dynasty on the ledge of a swanky high-rise overlooking Central Park.

New York’s bridges and high-rises have long been known to occasionally harbor peregrine falcons on their upper ledges and steel towers. But the presence of a red-tailed hawk launching into majestic flight from a Fifth Avenue apartment building to search for prey in the skies over Central Park created a local sensation when first noted in the early 1990s. Pale Male, as he soon was known, quickly became a cause célèbre, first among local residents, then New Yorkers in general, attracting the interest of naturalists, photographers, and journalists.

Long before sunrise, throngs of spectators gathered in the park with binoculars and telescopes to watch Pale Male on his ledge and wait for him to start his day. It was assumed to be a fleeting opportunity to observe the rare phenomenon of a red-tailed hawk experimenting with life in the big city.

But improbably, the winged hero of this story had found a permanent home amidst the bustle of human civilization. In the months and years that followed, he became the main character in an unfolding drama — mating, raising chicks on a precarious perch and defending them against marauding crows, teaching his offspring survival skills in a semi-natural environment, losing his mate and finding another, and, almost miraculously, guiding a multi-generation family that could withstand intimate proximity with people.

Strawberry feields forever

Strawberry Fields is a section in Central Park that is dedicated to the memory ot John Lennon.

Let me take you down
cause I’m going to strawberry fields
Nothing is real.
and nothing to get hung about.
strawberry fields forever.

Living is easy with eyes closed,
misunderstanding all you see.
it’s getting hard to be someone,
but is all works out.
It doesn’t matter much to me.

Let me take you down
cause I’m going to strawberry fields
Nothing is real.
and nothing to get hung about.
strawberry fields forever.

Always, no, sometimes, think it’s me,
but, you know, I know when it’s a dream
I think, er, no, I mean, er, yes,
but it’s all wrong,
That is, I think i disagree.

Let me take you down
cause I’m going to strawberry fields
Nothing is real.
and nothing to get hung about.
strawberry fields forever.

strawberry fields forever

some pictures on a street.


Walking is the best way to learn the city.

Being lost, wandered and struggled to find the direction is even a fascinating experience.

But the frustration or subtle tension could be felt when I just arrive in a new city is fleeting.

Keep the surprises.

Be awaken always!


Researching for the taste of ny’ sweets

1.Magnolia is on top


2. baked by Melisa is 2nd in a big gap


3. Mollys is 3rd in a huge difference image


Why the cupcake is so popular here?

Was just good. It helped me cope with stress in a while.

reasonable size(surely unreasonable price), make happy(make worry about hearth), beautiful looking…

But, for me it is enough!

Anybody saw him?


few more pictures

Textile art center

on a way to the Invisible Dog

Invisible Dog

The church of St. Rose of Lima

Morris-Jumel Mansion

Thanks for welcoming me D.C.!

Ben’s Chili Bowl