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Anton Osver is an artist based in Baku, Azerbaijan. He will be in NYC as an apexart New York City Fellow from October 21 – November 20, 2014.

David B. Smith is a NYC-based artist who is in Dunedin, New Zealand, as an apexart International Fellow from October 1 - 31, 2014.

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Many thanks to apexart for this opportunity to spend a month in Thailand!

Dec 3


1st Pics

 Xmas trees in Thailand!
made out of straws…
and snow…
 and the new Krispy Kreme Donuts (and lines around the block for them)…………………
 and more snow (although it’s about 85 degrees F)…
 A buddhaful Buddha:
 and some elephants:
 and more stunning Buddhas (they have a serious presence here)…
 cool phone (a monument to communication):
And the controversial “Victory Monument” (+ my skytrain stop - you can see the elevated track):
shumai heaven…
 a typical corner…
 waiting for a skytrain (never seen such patience in a city):
 the bus:
my whole neighborhood looks like this:
 some HS kids in uniforms
 checking out the cool cuffs:
and cool trees
BTW, plug in at your own risk:
and good luck!
safer to just go for an expert massage
 And did you know Mad Max was Thai?
Dec 3


The King and I

The first Bday festivities for the King…  Singing, candles, and dramatic lighting: 

Dec 4


Street Food

Here’s some pics, but not the aromas, vitality, and tastes…
The street-food culture here is incredibly sophisticated, cheap, attractive, diverse, and everywhere.  Hands down the best Thai food I’ve had in my life.  I can guarantee that I won’t ever cook anything while in Bangkok…  
lots of restaurants are either on the street or half on the street:
AROI MAK ! (Very Delicious!)
Dec 4



My sister Naomi & Bro-in-law Adam have given me a nephew and the world a cute kid!  Welcome Sebastián!  Congrats to the parents and the grandparents!  Aunts and uncles!  And he already went to one of my openings last night! (through a dream induced by the below postcard-invite).  I can’t wait to meet the little fella when I go from Bangkok to Brooklyn…
Dec 4


Small World!!

I was hanging with my old friend Chika Watanabe from NY (via Japan, Latin America, and now Myanmar)!

We had dinner @ this great street joint:

Prawns w/garlic, green papaya crab salad, and morning glory greens

 A motorbike rode right through the restaurant
 and nobody flinched:
then we went to a local spot to  ชิลชิล (expression for “relax”: pronounced “chill-chill”).
a couple of the cutie bartenders
 and all-day breakfast!
 Though we opted for an all-night musicfest instead!

Dec 4


Rice v. Snow

You’ve heard it said that Eskimos have a hundred words for “snow,” but from the looks of it, there must be that many words for “rice” here in Thailand.  on top of my notions of white rice, brown rice, long grain and wild rice, here they distinguish between all those plus early rice, mid-season, mature rice, off-season, late-season, uncooked (which they mash up for some dishes), unmilled, plantation rice, mountain rice, “pretty rice,” many types of fried rice, and, of course, sticky rice.  The list goes on…

Dec 5


Cabs are Colorful!

Cabs are colorful around here:
Dec 5


Chatuchak Market

Chatuchak Market, usually called JJ Market (I think because the “ch” is kinda like a “J”), is a huge operation - impossible to convey the size thru photos.  The largest outdoor market (though under these rooftops) in SE Asia, some say the world…
Muay Thai shorts (Thai Kickboxing):
a HUGE amount of stuff…
An amazing magician (here he’s making a spinning card hover):
Drinks that caution won’t allow me to try (though I’d love to):
I think the sign below translates as “Chicharrones!”
local musicians jamming (including a Rasthai):
 And the inevitable police hassle:
Note to cops around the world:  Stop hassling musicians and go find some crime.
Dec 5


Crabs with Curry!

Dec 6


Exceedingly Spicy

Exceedingly spicy, ridiculously delicious Tom Yum Gung:
with a bamboo shoot salad to cool things down a bit:
the cook, making people delirious with hot chillies (prík):
Meanwhile just outside the restaurant…
And so much more…  reporting on food in BKK is an endless task.
Dec 6


The King’s B-Day

I went for a ride on the back of a motorbike to check out the festivities in honor of the King’s Bday (he turned 83) (+ check out my video post called “Motorbike Ride" for a true taste!):
Here’s the bike-taxi driver, named Ék:
 going against the grain:
Indians in a Túk Túk:
everything was lit up with lights:
it was a C-R-A-Z-Y scene…
TONS of Thais…
And, as if that wasn’t enough, there were these beautiful, BIG, FLOATING candle-lamps in the sky!
(How they did this I do not know):

(this photo: north191@hotmail.com)

Then, after this mind-boggling journey, I went to Q-Bar:
which is run by Denis (through José Ruiz):
and Travelin Matt from Philly (cap), and DJ Tech 12:
and the lovely Rachel, who even speaks Spanish! 
One might assume she’s Thai, but she’s half Spanish, half Chinese, from Australia, and chilling in BKK!
BKK is unbelievable.
Check the “Motorbike Ride" video.
Dec 6


Night Sky Lights!

These floating candle-lamps in the night sky deserve their own blog post (See my post “The King’s Birthday”).   (photo: north191@hotmail.com)

Dec 7


Bangkok Singing

Singing “Corazon Espinado” @ the local Bangkok spot, video by Chika.

Dec 8



Check out the chestnuts for Xmas in Bangkok - and the “Run BKK” shirt everybody is wearing!