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Anton Osver is an artist based in Baku, Azerbaijan. He will be in NYC as an apexart New York City Fellow from October 21 – November 20, 2014.

David B. Smith is a NYC-based artist who is in Dunedin, New Zealand, as an apexart International Fellow from October 1 - 31, 2014.

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Apr 8


Day one

Good Morning

Already feel like home!

I couldn’t imagine that New York does exist for real: for me, this city was just a movie on a screen. A cliché deeply entrenched in my mind.

But yes it is real, even all the people I talked to.

And I am surprised how I felt a part of it yesterday, walking errand in the center, talking with people, taking wrong ways.

Being lost is such an amazing feeling! my territory has suddenly and wildly grown up.
I m not a writer or a journalist, I am a painter. How will I deal with all this shapes and color?

Maybe through drawings that I will post here on this blog. Or thru some photos.

In that way, I hope that every one can follow me closely in this new city adventure.
Apr 8



Today, I went to the Skyscraper Museum. It explains the architecture of skyscrapers in New York compares to China (Shanghai is actually the most active city in skyscrapers constructions)
It was a very nice start to discover the city: it is really true that in spite of the height of the buildings, you never feel crushed. I liked walking in this area and get lost enough to see how they like tulips…
Then I attended in Apexart gallery to a talk between Carlo McCormick and Jeffrey Deitch. I must confess that I didn’t get the whole content of this meeting, but fortunately these two men was very attractive and I contented my eyes, for still an enjoyable moment.
Now that I have been very serious, I can share some of the drawings that skyscrapers inspired me:

To summarize the day : I can say that a silly big smile was stuck on my mouth all day long.

Apr 9



Jazz Concert at the National Art Club.Built in 1840s
Concert is given by amateur musicians which the oldest one had 97 years old today (his friend told me). They all were doctors or lawyers.
The lunch was as excellent as the place.

Then I went in Williamsburg. Walking in this area during the afternoon.
I saw that great exhibition in Pierogi gallery.The artist’s name is Jim Torok. It is funny because he made the very realistic paintings besides the other ones, much more energetic. In France, art market doesn’t like artists who mixed several ways of research as if Art were just one only voice…This kind of exhibition could not happened.It was nice to see it and make sens to me. Love it.

A little drink listening to Ari Shine in the evening.

I want to share those particulars pictures taken during the day.

I was very touched to find a key.

Toilets are the most inspired places in the world…

Well, I thought she knew how to fly…Perplexed….

Guiness effect.

DAY 4 / Part 1 / Botanic Garden

I started my very sunny saturday by a walk in the botanic garden in Brooklyn. Spring is here and my heart doesn’t feel lonely.


DAY 4 / Part 2 / Brooklyn museum







DAY 4 / Part 3 / Brooklyn museum - 2

DAY 4 / Part 4 / Exhibition of Joanna Ebenstein

Then, in the evening, I met Joanna for his Exhibition called “the secret museum”

In this factory which used to be a box factory
More pictures of her show
For further information about the artist click here

Pictures of the day

That is how die paintings

Too late….

And put it on the bin

I knew that I spent a wonderful time today, everything was just

Sunday, April 11th

Today, I went to the Antiquarian Book Fair.

I saw many rare illustrations and some of my childhood.
I loved Babar’s adventures, but the story of this elephant is so sad…
Hopefully, I am still an happy person despite of these tragical readings.

This is the entrance of the book art fair.

This one shows little monkeys playing humans behaviors.

This one is for my Mum…She knows of what i am talking about (private request)

Japanese illustrations of sex.

Classical but always funny

A letter of Walt Whitman

Warhol Matisse and friends.

But let’s speak about that one.
This is a very interesting case.
I dreamt to have it but can’t afford it. It costs 2000 dollars.
In fact, it is double. Mainly, this is a juridic book BUT you can see those illustrations which are a control of the size of the fish that you have fishing. It means that if your fish is bigger than the illustration, put it back in the river. The seller explains me that you could both reading your manual and go fishing. WHOUAOUH. GREAT.
It is a german book.

Our National Boltanski will come exhibit in that place in May


After that, I went to the Czech center to see a movie called “Hooked”. I love it, well done Adrien Sitaru ( the director)

Then, evening arrived and my shoe is still in good health…I listened to a great jazz concert in “The Stone”. Tim Sparks on guitar. He knows very well immigration history in eastern Europe. Percussions was amazing. I spent a great time listen to them.
A short video

Good Night, sleep well.

April 12th

Julia wanted me to go to a cruise on the Hudson River. Although, as a New-yorker, she has never been herself…It was (how can I say that?) so “touristic”.

It is the Liberty statue (oups, I missed it…)

After that, I walked along the quay of the west side, sunny was very hot, I always feel like “The stranger” Of Albert Camus when I walk under the sun.
This horse is a memorial of died policemen.

I forgot my swimsuit again.

This is “Icons” Gallery
Portraits are made with Vinyl’s pieces

In the evening, I had a very interesting classroom at an Art University with professor Melissa Rachleff-Burtt. Students were presenting two art places of New-York.

Today was the day of the running tulips dogs

And the winner is Marine car Bone Husky

April 13th

we left in the morning at Penn Station to go to New Jersey to visit Julie Martin.

What an amazing time we had with her.
A short explanation :
Experiments in Art and Technology (E.A.T) was a non-profit and tax-exempt organization established to develop collaborations between artists and engineers. It was officially launched in 1967 by the engineers Billy Kluver and Fred Waldhauer and the artists Robert Rauschenberg and Robert Whitman. Julie is Billy Kluver’s wife and she still manage the experiences they had in the sixties when technology started to be developped.
Many famous artists like Christo or Warhol did worked with them.
Julie Martin is an exellent francophile, I am sure that she speaks fluently french. She knows what the “ordinateur individuel” is….And also that we had the “minitel” in France.
We saw her books, her pictures, her archives. She received us so kindly, and she is a very smart person. I feel so lucky to met her…
She owns the organization’s memory and what we saw at her home was an extraordinary precious memory of Art in the sixties and seventies.
She wants now to translate all the reports she has on files in a computer.
I can’t express the feeling of touching so closely a major part of Art history.
This is Julie Martin on the left and Julia Knight from Apexart on the right.
Thanks both for this amazing time.


Dear Pierre, you were right…. Somebody can find what the problem is on this picture?

Sun was falling down as I arrived to Brooklyn for a performance between a chemist ( Kent Kirshenbaum) and a Chef (Will Goldfarb) at the Bell House.
Love that area of New York with all that olds factories.

Obviously they talked about ” El Bulli “Ferran Adria Which is THE place that I want to go before Dying…Ferran was Elected best chef in the world and you have to book one year before going. His cook is a mixed of food science and Art.
Have a look :

Well I think that soon my brain will explose.
What a unforgettable day…

April 14th

Let’s start with that beautiful tree and tulips.
Do we make so much efforts in our country to have so beautiful squares?

Well, the day started with a visit in the FIT which is a museum of fashion. The exhibition was called “Night and Day”. No pictures were allowed so I made few drawings.

After that, I went to the Himalayan Art Museum. Et de deux….
Nice Harmony.

This is “TARA” God of all activities. I’m in, she is my master for now, forget about St Christopher and Ste Rita!!!

Welcome to the Antony Gormley in Madison Square Park.
This is the iron model put on the ground. Then, you have to find where they are perched on ledges and rooftops. The anecdote at the beginning was that people thought that those statues were real persons wanted to suicide themselves….
It was really beautiful and full of poetry and symbols.
So Find them now…

Now that your eyes are totally destroyed, look at that very funny picture.
In fact, you have to give your name at the desk and they call you when your hamburger is ready.
I repeated 3 times my name to the girl and look what she wrote ;

Marvin Karbowski….


Now that my eyes and my belly were full, let’s feed my ears with this talk in that library.
The topic was the food.

If you mix up the two museums I’ve done today it gives you that ( That is my own special recipe of the day)


April 15th

I went to see an Auction at Christie’s.

After that MOMA

With the Marina Abramovic exhibition : Unforgettable….

And the Tim Burton’s…

I met Krista Saunders and Mario Giacalone in the performing arts center

And go to a talk of Steven V.Roberts about his last book “From every end of this world”

To finish with a Hip Hop music show where they didn’t let me in because i didn’t have my id card. I tried to charm the guy ; but without any success…

Today, my name was Mary

I must use an English name till tomorrow..

April 16th

The Bronx and Grand Concourse Avenue

I went to the Bronx Museum to see that exhibition about Dr. Martin Luther King’s movement.
Pictures were very powerful and impressed me a lot.
Dr. Martin Luther King was killed in 1968, so close to us….

There was also an exhibition of new black generation artists and I recommend you to have a look of those videos by Jefferson Pinder ( In the bottom of the page, the one called ” car wash” is excellent).

Picture of the Bronx (North Manhattan for those who don’t know)

This talk in Manhattan was bout the history of the Grand Concourse road in the Bronx.
In fact, at the beginning of the 20th century, this area was a rich place and they built this huge avenue with gorgeous buildings to make like the ” Champs-Elysees ” in Paris.
But it didn’t last, and as the drug and the poverty came up, the area changed a lot.

This gallery is the White Columns

Well, this his the new Van Gogh of Manhattan I suppose…

This artist is Horst Ademeit
Quite difficult to explain what he is doing in English, so let’s check his page here
It is very interesting.

I came back to Brooklyn. I feel so good in its streets.

This place is the ISCP, a art residency place.

This piece is from Zena Verda Pesta
"My mother’s favorite color was yellow - Yeah fine with me, it looks like a penis" 2008

Terence Gower

Curiosity of the day… For us, french people….

Subway was full, it amused me.

Sorry, i didn’t turn it.

Hope you enjoy the day like I did.

April 17th

Center for book arts. The exhibition was about the sixtie’s japanese manga.

The queens with the PS1 Moma, a contemporary art center. Where I saw many videos. There were also concerts.

Few links for you:
Ryan Trecartin (so funny) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_FMHxu9Gvk
Yayoi Kusama : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bh6TBqjDNYM
Paul McCarthy (I love it!) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ozubKHdprMI&feature=related

Look at the floor…

This is for Julia Knight : Look at the video!
This is an old poster of Joseph Beuys

There was also a little part talking about Dada

In the evening, I saw the performance of Shana Moulton and Nick Hallet at “The Kitchen”.
Three screens were broadcast images. Shana Moulton moved into that space while three musicians were playing.

New York at night, just for the fun.

And the sentence of the day.

April 18th

Brooklyn and Prospect Park

I had a nice time here with Julia. We had a brunch together, listening jazz musicians. Peaceful time.

If you look closely, you will recognize Julia on the right…

Spent my sunday afternoon in Prospect Park. Perfect weather for a perfect time.

At 6pm, I have listened in the “theater company”, a piece of Daniel Damiano. It was excellent..

Look at the roof party on the top of the house.

Dad, what are you doing here? I told you not to come with me in NYC…

As the night falls down, my heart is still happy.

Concert in “Death by audio” in Brooklyn.
Very dirty place where we can smoke. Enjoyed it.

The singer was Unbunny.

I feel like a big brain on big calves.

Or like a big brain with tidy hair.

Or like a nightingale also with tidy hair.
(My computer didn’t want to turn it. Sorry…)