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Modris Svilans is an artist based in Riga, Latvia. He is in NYC as an apexart New York City Fellow from September 9 - October 9, 2014.

Damali Abrams is a NYC-based artist traveled to Seoul, South Korea, as an apexart International Fellow from July 1 - 30, 2014.

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Manuel Orellana

Manuel Orellana Sandoval (B. 1978 Santiago, Chile) is a media artist, noise musician, professor, and researcher in multimedia arts and hardware made for these purposes. He is a member and co-founder of LaMe Media Lab where he works as a researcher in the area of hardware, software, and web art. Orellana is also a professor and director of medialab teclelab, a workshop for high school students at social risk. His work as an artist is divided between creating sound artifacts through techniques such as circuit bending, hardware hacking, and the interpretation of these objects to create music, and also the intervention of video devices or game consoles.

Manuel is visiting apexart from Santiago, Chile from July 3 - August 2, 2012. He was recommended by Ignacio Nieto, an independent curator in Santiago. See his Resident Page for more information.

Jul 4





day One
Interesting off the plane everything is unknown.

The taxi with its division between the driver and passenger traveling in and I looked out the window as the landscape invites me to discover. On reaching the street from the apartment I see a strike by workers applauded trucks entering and exiting from a store. At the reception I get the keys to the place, I remember the problem of the key to open the door, I think that’s already solved it does not cost me anything to open the door. The place is clean comfortable full of memories of my fellow artists and their previous experiences, meeting at a desk a note telling Julia that at noon come to visit me and tell me if formalities of great importance as my itinerary resident, julia I said to bring coffee and food, which I consider very gentle.

Brooklyn Beer

Jul 6


Velvet Moon Red Wine

The metro as a sense of being lost.

SASS and spoken words of irrelevant characters in the history of American politics, I presented my Chilean identity card and let me in. =)

The metro as a sense of being lost.

I went into an old neighborhood record store and that is why we now analyze a dollar compact discs. Fascinating. In the evening prepare rice and beans with chile.

Tomorrow competition from hot dogs and Ferris wheel.

4 de Julio en Coney Island.

Jul 8


Coney and Park Deli, its 4th of July!

Coney and deli park its 4th of July

It’s been very rapid. And get used quickly.

Today I went to Coney Island in a very special day for this nation.

His birthday of independence. At the station near the coast again I see a stray rock band that I like, people rush to get quickly to competition from nathan’s hot dogs has already begun.

It is very hot. Wonderful rides and rides decadent.

Test your strength with the hammer game. The children ask for candy. Wonderful crowded coast. Full of life and happiness. I must go.

Now I’m in Brooklin at a barbecue at the home of a Korean girl.

Where a whole pig is roast, there are skaters in the livingroom and very pretty girls in the courtyard from the roof throwing fireworks. It is July 4. I am very interested a community garden made by neighbors called Park Deli.

Jul 9


Our lady of Mount Carmel

Sound Stages, as time goes by.

The sounds are very different everywhere and the amount of them in the environment varies with respect to the location and places, this location has much to say in their sound, as I perceive it, in the streets, as changing passing the day, changing of neighborhood, the apple, the metro, the gesture continues to be friendly and intimidating, but very honest, listening on the subway trying to open our ears to capture and realize that speaker and noise and melodies amazed at all times either in the morning or after work hours and at night, while the stations and lines of colors and letters each has its own, low in the direction of a default route or perhaps a roof an old building or a farm outside of new York and then return to the noisy center or perhaps despair of being lost in a couple of blocks and listen and listen, then go home and turn on the air.

Sound Stages.

Maybe talk to here in this city is met very well what is called the butterfly effect like a summary of noisy world sound events.


Meeting the turf in a day early in the streets of new york is a kind of revelatory experience in the sense of being child looking and feeling emanating from the crowd passing situations, as in the first block two hundred miles offshore.

With a spring roll and a shish kebab.

The truth is that I need a compass, cardinal points play a trick on me and my little map does not give some streets but even so I think,  all delicious and fresh, all is delicious and fresh, all you need is something dellicious and fresh =)

Cuenta Conmigo

Katz or Punjabi

Chi City

The interview was the last thing I was concerned, and had it all planned out, find your way and people in Chicago was so concerned.

I realized that Chicago is a city easy to “settle”, friendly and bohemian, lots of beer I tried the second night, the gentle Duncan, Johana and Baxter, made me feel at home. comfortable and cozy.

The few days were full of developing and perpetuating activities, hikes, stories of economy, skyscrapers and the wonderful loop over and over again with their loud noise. Beer and polish sausage.

When bad at sports friends asked if I was playing ping pong, said no and I spent a Pabst beer.

In the great event of the presentation of the vinyl record bad at sports, chicago pizza and beer flowed. And conversations with people from everywhere.

Vinyl after vinyl was all over.

And the survivors moved to dark bar to continue talking about the economy.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

I lost my paper notebook, in the Greenwood Cemetery   , just at the precise moment when i had picked up the recorder placed in the tomb of the creator of telegraphic code.

I put the recorder and put me to walk a few blocks, around tombstones and old stone mausoleums with signatures deleted and blanked by the rain and perpetual moss.

Not is the same case with the perpetual care tombs.

Great solemnity, lonely day, fruit growing in the cemetery!

The remember of the Battle of Brooklyn. Is a place to think about space and how recover the things that are lost by not returning anymore to your side, only left the remainings.

The move is in the barter.

Sound exchanged for writing.

La Ruleta

Thought to see something instrumental in noise music and improvisation a while time ago not seeing for me, 60 minutes of induction of hardware and software music with very good performers.        L A T E R

Impossible to miss so many times - I repeat myself -coming in line A train to Broadway Junction station with priests and Christian apocalyptic chaotic mixture of African religions who hopes in a new dawn for all, broadway junction within a police station, LED signs that reflected in the stained glass in the rush hour, in Spanish and English are read police procedures and therefore the delay of the train.