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Anton Osver is an artist based in Baku, Azerbaijan. He will be in NYC as an apexart New York City Fellow from October 21 – November 20, 2014.

David B. Smith is a NYC-based artist who is in Dunedin, New Zealand, as an apexart International Fellow from October 1 - 31, 2014.

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Nov 4


It`s start now

It’s now fourth day in New York, slipping past the third.

It’s raining outside and it’s the first one since I got here.

The weather on the day I arrived at JFK was gorgeous.

Just like in Seoul, the color of New York City’s sky in fall is a bright azure.

since I got here, I was busy making visits to so many interesting places, as I was so excited to be here.

Looking and walking around on the streets of the city with the help of the subway map that I brought from Korea, I got on the subway when I found a station that happened to be nearby. If I happened to get off at a wrong station, I just got out and walked around a little more without realizing where I might end up, taking advantage of this chance meeting.

As I walked around, a thought popped into my head, saying, “wow, I’m in a Woody Allan’s movie!,” or, “maybe, this is Martin Scorsese’s.”

I’m exhausted now after spending my energy on walking and taking note of the places I’d been since I got here. As tired as I am, I’ve decided to start blogging.

Since it’s raining today and I only have one place, Sky Scraper Museum, to visit, I’m going to plan out my next month in New York City.

Let’s begin! One month as a new yorker.

Nov 4


Monday, November 1st

11:10 AM, arrived at JFK.

I rode one of the yellow cabs that I saw in movies countless times. Wow~

I arrived late but Julia was very friendly to me, and she was kind enough to show me around the area of my apartment.

‘I’m so grateful to her’

My apartment in NY. It looks wonderful.

I feel like I’m a starring character in a “New York City” movie.

The places I’ve been:

Amsterdam Avenue, W88~79 St. - Walk

79 St. Subway Station

66 St. Lincoln Center Subway Station

Columbus Circle - Bus

5th Avenue - Madison Avenue - Park Avenue - Walk

Apple store

Fao schwarz Toy store - from ‘The Big’


Nov 4


Tuesday, November 2nd

I had a sleepless night because of the jet-leg. It’s always hard to get used to it.

After sleeping in a little, I headed to the Apexart office, and met Steven, Julia, Cybele and Julian. They are a wonder bunch. I thank them so much.

After that, we all headed to an Italian restaurant next to the office, and there we spend a wonderful time. Despite my poor English, they all enjoyed and listen attentively to what I said. Steven in particular was kind enough to speak slowly and clearly for me. A big thanks to Steven.

The places I’ve been:

Firehouse - From ‘Ghostbusters’
WTC, Ground Zero
Century 21
Fraunces Tavern Museum
Staten Island Ferry Greenmarket
Battery Park
Chinatown - Dinner
Nov 5


Wednesday, November 3rd

I came home late night and felt into a deep sleep, getting up late this morning.

So I almost missed Circle Line Tour leaving at 10:00 AM. I barely made it there.

Sitting on the second tier floor, I watched Manhattant’s skyline as I listened to the comedian-looking guide’s introduction of the city.

As we neared Statue of Liberty people rose from their seat and start snapping pictures. For me, however, Statue of Liberty stood out more for her demeanor than the statue itself.

In the evening, I watched a performance at “Invisible Dog” located at 51 Bergen ST. in Brooklyn. Creating music out of electrical noise was very impressive. I wished my techinical director in Korea, Heedae Cho, was here with me. Heedae, you come!

There, I met Julia’s friend Giles Lyon. Unfortunately I couldn’t get in touch with him earlier than tonight since Julia’s email to me about him was somehow ended up in my spam folder. Thankfully, he recognized me as soon as he saw me. He showed me around his workshop on the second floor. (I was so delirious, I forgot to take some photos - how I wish now…)

His works reminded me of the Korean movie called “Mudang: Reconciliation Between The Living And The Dead, 2002.” I explained to about the movie and he really wanted to watch it. I wanted to tell him more about the movie but my poor English got in the way. I promised him that when I return to Korea I’d send the movie to him.

All in all, it was a great, fulfilling day for me. I wonder what awaits me tomorrow.

The places I’ve been:

Circle Line Tour 42nd St. - Pier 83

Time Sq. 42nd St.

APT - Take a rest

Line1 86St. -> Line N Time Sq. 42St. -> Line F 34St. Herald Sq. -> Bergen St. - Subway


Nov 5


'Mudang' for Giles Lyon

Korean Independent Documentary

Nov 9


Thursday, November 4th

The places I’ve been:

Macy`s - Buy sneakers

Chinatown Express - Lunch

Sky Scraper Museum

Pier A - Marisol Escobar`s Merchant Mariners` Memorial

(W) South Ferry -> Canal St.

Soho Street - Walk

Friday, November 5th

The places I’ve been:

Saigon Grill - Lunch

Barnes & Noble - Buy Brooklyn map

(J)(M) Marcy Ave.

Williamsburg Walking Tour - Listening to MP3 (Guide Audio)

S#1 Brooklyn Public Library

S#2 Keep Street Synagogue

S#3 Bais Ruchel School

S#4 Main Shopping Street

S#5 Rodney St. and Lee Ave.

S#6 Rodney St. and Bedford Ave.

S#7 Bedford Ave. and Ross Street

S#8 Bedford Ave. and Wilson Street

S#9 Bedford Ave. and Taylor Street

S#10 Division Ave. and Driggs Ave.

S#11 Driggs Ave. and S 9th Ave.

S#12 Driggs Ave. and Broadway

S#13 Washington Plaza

S#14 Bedford Ave. and Broadway

S#15 Bedford Ave. and S 3rd Street

S#16 Holland Tunnel Gallery

Papa Lima - Take a break with sandwich and coffee

Prints Gone Wild 2010 @ Secret Project Robot

Saturday, November 6th

The places I’ve been:

Popover cafe - Brunch with coffee

(7) 45th Road-Court House Sq.

LP gallery

5 Pointz

P.S.1 MoMa - New York Art Book Fair

Sage General Store - Dinner

Performance @ Flux Factory - The Self-Destructing Art Show

The Food Emporium

Sunday, November 7th

The places I’ve been:

Spicy - Lunch

(L) Bedford Ave.

Greenpoint in Williamsburg - New York City Marathon

(1) Columbus Circle

Central Park - New York City Marathon Finish

Fedex - Printed 2nd week Schedule

W61 st. -> W88 st. - Walk

Monday, November 8th

The places I’ve been:

(6) 33st. - To meet friend

Pizzeria (Not remember the name) - Lunch

Grand Central Station

Madison Sq.

Union Sq.

Chipotle - Dinner

Tuesday, November 9th

The places I’ve been:

Gotham Jazz @ The New York Public Library for The Performing Arts

The Bronx

Hostos Community College

Meeting with Juanita Lanzo @ Longwood Art Gallery

Bruckner Gallery at The Bruckner Bar & Grill

Central Park

Wednesday, November 10th

The places I’ve been:

Starbucks @ Chelsea

Class with Melissa Rachleff-Burtt @ Paula Cooper Gallery

Flag Art Foundation

Cheim & Read

James Cohan Gallery

Gagosian Gallery

Pace Wildenstein

Mitchell Innes & Nash

Chelsea Market

[COMVIDEO] opening @ apexart

Bar Anotheioon (?) - with Julia and Julian

Shake shack

Thursday, November 11th

The places I’ve been:


Nolita street - walk

Anthology Film Archives

Think coffee

Strand books

Chelsea Market

High line park

New Museum of Contemporary Art

Friday, November 12th

The place I`ve been:


Walter de Maria`s Earth Room

Walter de Maria`s Broken Kilometer

Meeting with Satya Saha @ The Renee and Chain Gross Foundation

Pearl paint


Saturday, November 13th

Free Day