apexart Residents


Yeo Daham is an artist based in Seoul, South Korea. He is in NYC as an Inbound Resident from July 1 - 31, 2014.

Damali Abrams is a NYC-based artist who will travel to Seoul, South Korea, as an apexart Outbound Resident from July 1 - 30, 2014.

Shooting an arrow is good for meditate.

maybe i had a misunderstanding.

This is small Island in New York called City Island.

I can see many tiny statues of angel and has a  fuenreal atmosphere

Informal street

"Queens Mother of Reallity" by Pawel Althamer

in Socrates Sculpture Park, Queens

In New York there are many events for public in every parks. 

It means many artists show their talents all over for the people.

I visited ‘BROOKLYN NAVY YARD’ to see rooftop garden but this visiting tour cancelled because of weather is so hot 


Sujin Lee and I know a bunch of the same people. She recently moved back to Korea from NYC so two people we know (Laura Napier & Shanti Grumbine) suggested that we meet up here.image

It’s so funny that we both have lived in NY all this time but never met. We met yesterday and she just about solved…

The Museum of Sexual Slavery

Wedensday July 9, 2014

The Museum of Sexual Slavery by Japanese Military

Every Wednesday since 1992, people gather in front of the Japanese embassy in Seoul, seeking an apology for the women in World War II who were abducted, enslaved and repeatedly raped by Japanese soldiers. During the war, there were young girls kidnapped from across Asia and held in what were called “Comfort Stations” for the Japanese soldiers.




The women, commonly known by the watered down term Comfort Women, are the ones who began this protest. Though many Japanese people participate in the protests and many have come to offer their apologies, the Japanese government has offered no apology. Many of these women have died, all are elderly, many have never come forward. I was touched to see so many schoolchildren at the protest.



Afterwards, Eunhee Kang, the lovely translator/life saver  hired by Geumcheon Art space, accompanied me to the House of Sharing, where some of the surviving women live, and there is also The Museum of Sexual Slavery by Japanese Military.


Though it is absolutely heartbreaking, this was by far the best use of the concept of museum that I have ever seen. I appreciate the idea of creating a museum to honor moments like this in history. The unspeakable horrors that must be spoken so that we do not continue to repeat them, like the abductions of hundreds of girls in Nigeria who are sold as sex slaves and millions of others across the globe that we never hear of.image

We began by watching a short documentary that focused mainly on one woman, Deok-Kyung Kang, who spoke of being abducted at age 16 and repeatedly raped. In the painting below she depicts her first rape. She had not even begun menstruating yet, and had no understanding of what was happening to her.


They showed us scenes from her funeral where the other women sobbed for her, as well as Deok-Kyung Kang on her death bed with an oxygen mask on, barely able to breathe or speak, still demanding justice.

When we speak of “rape culture” we mean a global patriarchal society where women like these are invisible. Where they are so shamed that for decades they did not speak about the atrocities that they have experienced. In 1991 Hak-soon Kim was the first to testify.
Every Wednesday since 1992 they have gathered, asking merely for justice.

The museum shows the artwork of the women who are lovingly referred to as the Grandmothers. It shows artifacts from their lives. Their shoes and fans and passports and letters they wrote but were never able to send home. The beautiful paintings and drawings that the Grandmothers made during and after art classes taught by volunteers. Through their art they depict the horrors that they have experienced. There is sadness seeping through the walls here. It does not matter if you look away, you can feel it. It is everywhere.

Outside of the space there are statues honoring Grandmothers who have died. The entire place is one of great honor and dignity. Even though they had to wait decades to be treated as they deserved, the love and care and respect is very evident here whether they ever receive their apology or not. And I must say that I am so sorry that they had to go through what they went through.

Note: Please research on your own for complete historical details. This is merely a record of my personal experience.

Jul 8


I’m very interested in this lecture.(The Society for the Advancement of Social Studies :: The History of the Internet)

 Sex take a share  among the history of the internet.

2.Cuddling sounds nice!

Jul 8


Worm-eaten leaf in the garden

Wood fork it in its fence in the street

Jul 8


Hard work

I pulled up out the weeds

Jul 8



I am literally IN love, not with a person, but
in a physical space of Love
A Metaphysical space that Love

Give thanks
That’s what this is
That is why and how we are here

The words and images can’t get
it but all together they do
Don’t try to separate them
They are cumulative

Begin with my mother’s water breaking
as she was dancing during Soul Train
one summer Saturday
Begin again and again, When

her Grandmother’s Grandmother
did not leap into a Sea and
the welcoming arms of Yemaya, did
not drown her babies there for
their own safety
This is too deep too too deep
like that Ocean, so we try
not to go there but we already live
there, and so we go numb. It’s so
easy. So convenient. So readily
available and encouraged.
And they still burn the truth-
tellers, you know
Little by little though
till you wake up one day
but this is another kind of story
this is a story of
drinking rose petals for breakfast
It’s a story we long for but
pretend not to
There’s a song for this and
I’ll play it for you sometime
I don’t remember the question
but I hope I’ve asked
it in a way that
makes sense


Jul 8

Jul 8

orientation of New York Cares

orientation of New York Cares